But there's a problem...

  • The skills and techniques to express what you feel are out of reach

  • You feel stuck between the desire to create and knowing how and what to do with it.

  • You hold the crazy belief that the art you make should impact people on a deeper level than a pretty picture on a wall.

Dive into color with 'Bold Color Bootcamp'


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    Deepen your existing passion by choosing a course that will teach you the new skills you need to reach the next level.


    Watch the course without putting life on hold. Fellow Creatives will meet you inside the course, along with your instructor. In your own time, reach new levels with you art

  • 3 // SUCCEED

    Thrive in your art practice by defeating resistance. Gain a deeper understanding of your own art genius.

"The original pieces we purchased from Charla are treasures in our home. Her paintings call us to reflection, have increased our sense of connection to our space, and bring a joy of color which enriches the way the rooms feel. "
- J & S Duke


Each course we add is custom designed and will hold unique features. Check the course page descriptions for more details.

  • Video Instruction and demos

  • Workbooks with Activations

  • Community Support

  • Mentor Support

"Charla's workshop is a well structured mix of demos and painting time. We covered a lot of ground, including an extensive session on colour mixing. Charla is a very knowledgeable but humble teacher and I would love to take another class with her. "
- Barbara from Lumby, BC

"This is a very informative and great Color Bootcamp. I really recommend this to all artist that love making portraits or animals in colors. Charla is a great teacher and very knowledgeable in color mixtures and in boldness. She is a soft spoken funny woman full of inspirations. She captivates her audience with her paintings."
- Vianni

The bold color bootcamp is exactly what I needed. For years I’ve been admiring artists that use big gorgeous color combinations but when I tried it myself things would get muddy or awkward. Charla goes over the theory you need in a way that is easy to understand (turns out there is a method to the madness!), offers you resources and walks you through every stage of her painting process.
Going through her course feels like you have a friend giving you a private training in your living room. I have been taking online classes for years and this is one of my favorites.
- Véro